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In 1986, KiDsGyM USA® was one of the first preschool gymnastics programs in the country. Its mission is to put fitness principles into practice through gymnastics and education programs that build healthy mental and physical lifestyles for children and youth. Since the inception of KiDsGyM USA®, more than 100,000 children aged 12 months to 21 years in the Atlanta area have enjoyed KiDsGyM USA® gymnastics, tumbling, and healthy lifestyle classes.  


Tracy and Stephanie Campbell, KiDsGyM USA® founders and preschool gymnastics pioneers, are experts in the field of early movement education and are leaders in innovative programming for preschool and school-age youth.  The Campbells and KiDsGyM USA® have received national recognition for their commitment to early childhood and youth development, including awards and acknowledgments from several United States Presidents.


Stephanie and Tracy Campbell, have a heart for the inner city and have dedicated their lives to teaching gymnastics to economically disadvantaged children who tend to be disproportionately African American. Today, KiDsGyM USA® is known as one of the most unique interventions and prevention programs for children and youth.


The KiDsGyM USA® concept initially started as a gymnastics and motor development program targeting preschool-aged children. However, Tracy and Stephanie's desire to provide services to all children, especially those "at-risk" in metropolitan inner cities, was the driving force to evolve and expand their focus from strictly preschool gymnastics to an early intervention and prevention program. Evolving their focus from strictly preschool gymnastics to an early intervention and prevention program.

For over 35 years, KiDsGyM USA®'s flagship location has been the Conley Recreation Center, a city-run gym in College Park, Georgia.  KiDsGyM classes at that location start for children as young as 12 months - Wiggle Worms (our renowned parent/child class) and continue through 15 years for boys only.

In addition, KiDsGyM USA® provides outreach classes for pre-k classrooms, afterschool programs, middle and high school cheerleaders and more.

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