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COVID-19 Policy

  • Anyone exhibiting signs of sickness will not be allowed to enter the facility.

  • Masks are required upon entering and exiting the facility.

  • Temperature checks upon arrival will be performed daily.

  • Washing hands or the use of sanitizer is required when entering and exiting the building and before and after the use of equipment.

  • The gym is marked 6ft. apart throughout to allow for social distancing. 

  • Limit all personal items to necessities. 

  • Masks during physical training are optional but are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

  • Coaches will wear masks at all times, MANDATORY.

  • Disinfecting of equipment will be done per rotation.

At what age do we start KiDsGyM USA classes?

Right now is the right age to start!! We start our gymnasts as early as 12 months in our parent-tot, Wiggle Worm class. 


What should my child wear to class?

A one-piece leotard is preferred for girls, BUT not required! Shorts or sweatpants with no buckles or buttons and t-shirts may be worn for both boys and girls as long as they are not baggy or covering the feet.  No jewelry is allowed to be worn. We prefer all children to have bare feet while participating in class. 


What happens if I’m running late to pick up my child from class?

Just give us a call and let us know!  We completely understand that things happen! We will have a coach stay with your child until you return. But please make EVERY effort to get to the gym on time. 


What are the policies regarding gymnasts before/after class and during class?

Classes start and end on time. Do not drop off students more than 10 minutes early for class. Please pick up your child on time at the end of class. 


Gymnasts are expected to follow the gym rules, listen to their coaches and cheer their friends on!

Are parents allowed inside the gym to watch a class?

Due to COVID Mity Mite, Super Mite, Dynamite and Boys parents are asked to wait outside of the building while class is taking place. New parents are allowed to come in for the first 15 minutes of their child's FIRST and/or SECOND class. 


What if I miss a class?

College Park Recreation Center has a NO makeup policy. However, KiDsGyMUSA tries to be flexible.  If you know you are going to miss a class and you let us know a week in advance, we will make every effort to find your gymnast a makeup slot.



Charlyn Harper Brown, Ph.D.

Center for the Study of Social Policy

“Through the unique brand of gymnastics training and experience provided by Mr. Campbell, my son, Rembert, grew in self-confidence; in his ability to receive and follow instructions from an adult; in his understanding of how to work effectively with children both his age and older; and in his appreciation of the concept of self-mastery of a skill.”