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(Boys Tumbling, Cheerleaders, Exhibition “TOP GUN” Tumbling Team, Afterschool and Summer Camp)

Flippin’ For Life is an early intervention and prevention youth development program uniquely designed for adolescents and teens to get them moving, build their confidence and increase their self-esteem.  KiDsGyM USA® uses gymnastics to stimulate participation in physical activity.  Our premise is ‘Every child wants to learn to flip.’ And, that’s how we draw them in.

The program includes introducing youth to four basic components of fitness that are important to good health; while helping them gain a positive perspective on healthy eating and nutrition.


KiDsGyM USA® reaches thousands of youth a year through it's collaborative efforts with the Fulton County Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Clayton County Public Schools, Atlanta, Fulton and Clayton County Parks and Recreation Departments. KiDsGyM USA® instructors travel to several parts of the Metro Atlanta area to service the children at these facilities with gymnastics training during the after-school hours. The After School Gymnastics Program is an Intervention and prevention program which attempts to provide a positive alternative during key afternoon periods, specifically 3:00 to 6:00pm. These programs target children ages 6 to 17 years old and are free and implemented on site in specific local schools and centers. What this does, is provide children with an exciting athletic alternative, keeping them off the streets and away from any potential detriments.


KiDsGyM USA® reaches hundreds of middle and high school cheerleaders a year through its collaborative efforts with the Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Public Schools, and Clayton County Public Schools to provide tumbling training for competitive purposes. KiDsGyM USA® instructors travel to several schools of the Metro Atlanta area to service cheerleaders during after-school hours.


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Charlyn Harper Brown, Ph.D.

Center for the Study of Social Policy

“Through the unique brand of gymnastics training and experience provided by Mr. Campbell, my son, Rembert, grew in self-confidence; in his ability to receive and follow instructions from an adult; in his understanding of how to work effectively with children both his age and older; and in his appreciation of the concept of self-mastery of a skill.”


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